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Mike Bagdonas PaintAmerica Signature Society Selection

Mike was honored by the PaintAmerica Association in 2010 by selection to the PaintAmerica Signature Society.  Forty-eight artists from throughout the Nation working in all mediums make up this prestigious group whose work has been recognized for its excellence in PaintAmerica's National Competitions.  Artists attaining this designation have supported PaintAmerica and its mission and National juror panels have deemed their work worthy of this important designation.

During the past four years Mike has had seven paintings in the National Paint The Park Top 100 Competition as well as one painting in the National PaintAmerica Top 100 Competition.  In 2010 Mike not only had two paintings in the National Paint The Parks Top 100 Competition but also had one as the Region Three award winner.  The three regional awards are second to Best of Show!  Mikes Region Three winner was a painting of a seasonal stream bed formed by a rock fall high in Rocky Mountain National Park just off the trail to Loch Vale Lake.  It was a studio painting done using a small plein air study completed during the 2009 Estes Park International Plein Air Competition and a digital image.  The painting is 28 x 22" on linen canvas and is appropriately entitled: "Rock Fall".  Visit the PaintAmercia website at for more information on this painting or the show.